Mexican Carry

While there is controversy over the term ‘Mexican Carry’,  I actually think it’s pretty cool. The theory is…

When Mexico banned guns, their equivalents to cowboys (Vaqueros) refused to give them up.  But if they needed to ditch a gun, it would do them no good to be caught with a holster. Thus, they carried their guns in their waistbands.  In light of those circumstances, it’s perfectly understandable. 

But, when a gun can be legally carried, it goes without saying that it should be carried as safely as possible.  But if you have the need for a ‘Mexican Carry’ trigger guard (which I personally have on a few of my firearms in my home) here are a few of the features:

  • Safely covers the trigger guard while the gun is inside the pants (if this is how you want to carry)
  • Adds no bulk to the width of the gun
  • Light weight
  • Adjustable length Para Cord
  • Can simply stay attached to the gun during storage 

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